VIDEO: This video of a dead person buried in penis-shaped coffin has got people talking

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The video below  surfaced online in which a deceased is being buried in a penis-shaped coffin.

The funeral was reportedly held in Ghana but the exact location in Ghana is not yet known.

It is not clear what the gender of the deceased is and what work he or she did before passing away, for which reason the family thought it necessary to use the kind of coffin they used.

The funeral has got people talking about why a penis-shaped coffin was used.

Watch the video below and share your comments


The West African country, Ghana, is known for some weird burial practices.

In May last year, many people were in shock when they saw a dead body fall out of the casket during burial ceremony in Ghana. Watch the video through this link

VIDEO: Dancing pallbearers attempt to run away after corpse falls from casket


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