PHOTOS: Inside billionaire James Dyson’s massive country pad that can fit in nearly 18,000 homes

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An average British home is 81 square yards. With 4,840 sq yds to an acre, Sir James Dyson has 1,452,000 sq yds of space which is enough to fit 17,900 homes.

The British billionaire investor and industrial designer, lives in the Dodington Park, a 300-acre Georgian estate in Gloucs, which he bought for £15m in 2003, The Sun reported.

The massive country pad boasts its own church, walled kitchen garden, lakes, lodges, woodland, a stunning entrance hall, and an orangery.

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The billionaire investor lives in a 300-acre Georgian estate in Dodington Park, Gloucs
The luxury pad boasts its own church, walled kitchen garden, lakes, lodges, woodland and an orangery
Dyson’s estate features a stunning entrance hall
Dyson snapped up the estate for £15m in 2003
The impressive pad has 1,452,000 sq yds of space
The estate is massive in comparison to average UK homes

Sir James Dyson topped the Sunday Times Rich List for the first time after increasing his net worth by £3.6bn in a year.

The billionaire investor who made his fortune with the invention of the bag-less vacuum cleaner which went on sale in 1993, is said to worth $6.6 billion as of July 2020.

A self-made man, Sir James  grew up in Norfolk in the 1950s and studied art before his art college principal suggested he go into design, BBC reported.

After inventing a wheelbarrow in 1974 which used a spherical wheel – designed to be easier to manoeuvre – he then set about creating the product for which he is best known after seeing an industrial extractor and imagining how it could be downsized for home use.

King of Belgium (1865 to 1909) house put for sale at $1.1 billion. Details and photos


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