VIDEO: Stun gun used on Ohio woman after she refused to wear a mask at football game

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Ohio woman was tasered on Wednesday and forcibly removed from a middle school football game after she refused to wear a face mask, NBC News reports.

video of the incident, which was shared on Facebook shows school resource officer Chris Smith in a heated exchange with the woman sitting in the stands of Logan High School Stadium.

According to a statement from the Logan Police Department, Alecia Kitts was asked by the school resource officer to wear a face mask, but she refused claiming she was asthmatic.

She was then asked to leave the stadium, but she refused. The exchange escalated when Kitts refused to leave the stadium. The officer is then seen using a stun gun on her and then handcuffing her, before escorting her out of the arena.

Kitts was charged with criminal trespassing and released at the scene, according to the statement from the Logan Police Department.

She was not charged for her choice not to wear a mask and additional charges are pending, the statement added.

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Similar incident happened in April when a man who did not put on a mask was physically carried off the bus by Philadelphia Police officers. Watch the video through this link

VIDEO: Philadelphia police drag man without coronavirus mask off public bus


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