VIDEO: Watch Ecuadorian woman twerking on top of deceased partner’s coffin during funeral

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The video below that shows a woman twerking on top of a coffin has gone viral on internet after being viewed by millions of people.

The video was shared on Twitter with caption: “If yo girl don’t do this at yo funeral is she really yo girl.”

In the short video, a woman said to be from Ecuador can be seen twerking on top of a wooden coffin to the song ‘Ella Quiere Hmm..Haa..Hmm’ by reggaeton artist Emcidues as crowd cheer her.

According to El Universo, the deceased was 38-year-old Marlon Mero Quijije, who was shot three times in different parts of his body when he was walking in the neighborhood of San Jose in Manta and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

People are split in their opinions about the way the woman chose to say goodbye to her loved one. Some Twitter users supported her by commenting on her obvious sad expression while others thought it was inappropriate way of saying good-bye.

Watch the video below


People around the world say goodbye to their dead-loved ones through different methods.

In July this year, a Ghanaian family buried their dead-loved one in a penis-shaped coffin. Watch the video through this link

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