Man went to steal freezer from a store, another thief stole his motorbike parked outside (Video)

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Nigeria’s social media space has been busy since the beginning of this month dishing out weird stories and videos. From accusations of police brutality to hunger protests, then to looting, all has not been going well in the country the past few weeks.

The man in the photo below got more than he could handle on Wednesday after riding to a store in Osun state on his bike to steal a deep freezer only to be caught in the act. Not only were his operations not successful, another thief stole his bike parked outside as he was in the store stealing a Freezer, an item much less in value than his Motorcycle.

@AdabanijaQomaru, who originally shared the video below, tweeted;

“This guy Abdulahi from Ede went to steal a deep freezer at SRJ store, but unfortunately for him b4 he could come out from the store where he went to steal freezer, his motorcycle Bajaj had been stolen by another thief. The deep freezer had been recovered & he was left off the hook”

The man is seen in the video below begging the store owner to have mercy on him after he was caught.

The store owner recovered his home appliance from him and let him go, according to the report. The looter, identified as Abdullahi, was devastated that day as he even had no penny to transport himself back home after his bike was gone.

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The incident happened barely days after hundreds of Nigerians in the city of Jos looted a government warehouse as soon as they got tip off about the hidden warehouse containing foodstuffs and covid-19 palliatives. Watch the video through this link

VIDEO: Massive crowds loot govt warehouse in Jos Nigeria after they got tip off it contains food and covid-19 palliatives



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