Man who had sex with pet chicken in front of his wife sentenced to 3 years in prison

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A man from Bradford in West Yorkshire, England, who had sex with his pet chickens while his wife filmed him has been sentenced to 3 years in prison, The Sun and Daily Mail reported.

The ‘sick’ man, Rehan Baig, was arrested after a police tip-off that he had images of child abuse of children as young as six.

During a raid, Police found pictures of Baig, 37,  and his wife Haleema, 38, carrying out sex acts on a dog and footage of Baig having sex with his pet chickens including one that was dead, according to the report.

The video and photo clips were saved in a file called ‘Family Vids’ and were described in court as ‘first-generation, homemade movies’ featuring the couple performing bestiality. Some of them were ‘of some duration in length’.

Prosecutor Abigail Langford said officers from the National Crime Agency (NCA) raided the couple’s home in July 2019 after a tip-off. There were no dogs or chickens in the house at the time, according to the reports.

Among the files they found were pictures of two dead chickens on the floor while Rehan Baig put one of the dead animals in a binbag.

The prosecutor, Langford said: “The premises were searched. A large number of exhibits were seized including two computer towers and a mobile telephone.

“Those devices were interrogated and a number of indecent images of children were found.

“Also located among the devices interrogated were moving images showing the defendant engaging in penetrative sexual intercourse with a number of chickens.”

She said Haleema Baig was stood nearby while this was happening and was also depicted within those videos.

“Having viewed the videos it is clear they are filmed in the cellar area of the property.

“She is heard to make sexual encouraging remarks towards the defendant and engages in sexual intercourse with him.

“During the course of these incidents she was a willing participant.”

The chickens, all family pets, died as a result of Mr Baig’s constant bestiality, court documents show.

One of the videos shows that Baig even had sex with the dead animal before stuffing one into a black bin liner, The Sun reported.

Rehan Baig, of Bradford, West Yorkshire, admitted abusing the animals, possessing indecent images of children, some as young as six, and possessing a small amount of cocaine and cannabis.

His wife claimed she was in “a coercive relationship” with him at the time and has since left.

She admitted aiding and abetting her husband in having sex with the chickens.

Sentencing the couple yesterday, Judge Richard Mansell QC said the acts and were carried out for Mr Baig’s ‘own depraved sexual gratification’, and ‘would make any right-thinking member of society sick to their stomach’

The judge said his act was ‘depraved, perverted and despicable’ and said the creation of the videos was ‘simply beyond comprehension’.

His wife, Haleema Baig was given a six-month suspended prison sentence after Bradford Crown Court heard she was a victim of coercive and controlling behavior as police found a video camera in their bedroom that she did not know about.

The judge also announced Mr Baig had been banned from keeping animals and put on the sex offenders’ register for life.


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