VIDEO: Massive crowds loot govt warehouse in Jos Nigeria after they got tip off it contains food and covid-19 palliatives

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The videos below show the moment hundreds of Nigerians in the city of Jos descended on a government warehouse after they got a tip off that it contains food and covid-19 palliatives for distribution to the poor.

The crowd looted the warehouse said to belong to the State Emergency Management Agency in the Bukuru community of Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State on October 24 and 25.

Amid escalating social unrest in Nigeria’s #EndSARS police brutality protests, the coronavirus pandemic, and increasing economic insecurity, the citizens especially Youths said that the government should have already distributed the stored food items due to hunger in the land, but instead hid them out of corruption.

According to multiple reports. news spread on social media that warehouses containing food such as guinea corn, maize, rice, noodles, and various emergency supplies were looted in Lagos Nigeria on October 22. Numerous posts encouraged Jos residents to search for stockpiles of Covid-19 palliatives nearby, causing crowds to descend on several warehouses in Jos, including the home of a politician.

An anonymous social media user in Jos reportedly said:

“I saw posts on Twitter calling for residents of Jos to locate and raid Covid-19 relief materials warehouses. I am from a lower-middle-class family, so food isn’t a problem for us yet, but I decided to join those raiding the warehouse as a show of solidarity to the general disgruntlement and rage of the masses at the way the country has been poorly run.

As soon as I got there, I noticed that some parts of the roofing sheets had already been torn open. Sacks of food supplies (maize, guinea corn) had already been removed from the rooftop, thrown down at random to an agitated crowd, and carted away. There was no fighting, only periodical arguments on the ownership of the sacks that were thrown down from the rooftop. Meanwhile, some people were already trying to help themselves by creating more openings in the warehouse to gain access to the relief supplies. The crowd was on a rapid increase. It wouldn’t be totally out of place to say that the crowd had tripled from when I first arrived.”

Check out the video below


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