VIDEO: Police rescues woman at night from 10ft python’s ‘vice-like’ grip in her home

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Australian was rescued Thursday from a massive carpet python’s “vice-like grip” after finding the snake in her home.

The woman from Stamford Valley in eastern Australia’s Queensland state, called emergency services, according to the report. Officers arrived at her home just after 7 p.m. local time, Queensland Police said in a statement.

The homeowner said she first noticed the snake while working in her garage. Her cat had spotted the serpent under her car and cornered the reptile.

She tried to rescue the snake but in the process the serpent managed to wrap itself around her right leg, just above her ankle, and wouldn’t budge.

The officers then began to unwind the python, which had a “vice-like grip” on her leg, Queensland Police said.

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The snake was estimated to measure between 6 and 9 feet long, the Australian Associated Press reported.

Queensland Police released bodycam video of the incident on Friday showing how officers helped the woman to free the snake.

Watch the video below

Carpet pythons (Morelia spilota) are commonly found throughout northern, eastern and southern Australia, living in open forests, rainforests, coastal areas, rural areas, parks and suburban gardens.

The species, which is non-venomous, can grow to more than 10 feet in length. Like other pythons, Morelia spilota kills its prey—usually small mammals, birds and lizards—by constriction. Source: Newsweek


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