VIDEO: Priest ends wedding after woman stormed the venue with a child claiming the groom is her husband

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Life is getting more interesting and confusing these days. A wedding in Zambia last weekend was interrupted just before the wedding vow was taken when woman stormed the venue with her children, claiming the groom is her husband and father of her kids.

In the now viral video the woman who is seen carrying baby on her back, insisted that the priest should stop the wedding as the groom is her husband.

According to her, they didn’t divorce, and there was no problem between them. She said that her husband left home that morning and she had no idea he was going for a secret wedding with another woman

Despite several efforts to calm her down, she made her way to the altar, insisting that the wedding cannot hold. The woman said that she spent the night with the groom on their matrimonial bed just before that day.

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Local media identified the groom as Abraham Muyunda, who works for Zambia Revenue Authority at the Head Office and has been married to Caroline Mubita for years.

Abraham apparently told his wife he was going out of town for work when he left home for his secret wedding that morning.

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