Colorado man wins lottery, misses deadline to turn in ticket by 3 days, loses all the money

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A Colorado man who played lottery and won lost all the money as he was celebrating and waiting to turn in the ticket but missed the deadline.

Peter Bayley won $1,500 after his lucky numbers were picked during the state’s Powerball lottery. He said because the lottery office temporarily closed due to the pandemic, he decided to wait for the office to open in few days as he was not comfortable to send the ticket through certified mail. Unfortunately, Bayley missed the deadline by three days when the office opened.

“It’s totally on me,” Bayley said. “It was my mistake. I thought the extension of three days would be something they could live with.”

Winning tickets in Colorado must be turned in within six months, according to the station. A 30-day coronavirus-related extension to claim winnings was put in place only for people in the state who bought a ticket between April 6 and April 30.

Strict lottery rules are implemented in Colorado and an exception couldn’t be made for Bayley after he submitted his ticket past the deadline, said Meghan Dougherty, a Colorado Lottery spokesperson

“It’s really important we keep to the rules,” she said, according to FOX 31. “Otherwise, everybody would want to potentially change the rules”

Bayley’s loss was a win for some organizations and agencies within the state, who receive proceeds, as well as, unclaimed winnings from the state lottery, according to the report.

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