Indonesian child rapist collapses and begs for mercy as he is flogged 146 times in public

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Indonesian child rapist collapsed on Thursday and begged for mercy as he was flogged 146 times for raping a child, Dailymail reported.

The 19-year-old man was arrested earlier this year on accusation of molestation and rape, according to the report. The victim’s age was not revealed.

The rapist cried as a masked sharia officer thoroughly lashed his back with a rattan stick in the town of Idi. He begged them to stop as he moaned. He was treated by doctors before the flogging restarted.

Aceh is the only region in Muslim-majority Indonesia to impose Islamic law under an autonomy deal with the central government that ended a long-running separatist insurgency.

The province flogs people for a wide range of offences such as gambling, adultery, drinking alcohol, and having gay or pre-marital sex. A flogging sentence of 146 times is usually a high number reserved for the most serious crimes.

Two months ago, a man collapsed after he was flogged 52 times as punishment for raping a child, according to The Sun.

The man, only identified as Roni, was sentenced to flogging for 169 times, but prosecutors postponed his punishment after he fainted. He was immediately taken to a hospital for treatment.

“When he was lashed 52 times, he was found on his right back there were heavy blisters, if he continued and was hit by the same beating, the blood vessels could burst and bleed,” one of the doctors said.

“It is better if we postpone it until the recovery is good and the convict can be punished again.”

The doctor added: “At the initial examination, the convict was fine, but maybe a little frightened so that several times the convict raised his hand to stop.

“But when he was examined his health the last time it was true that the wound was quite heavy.”

Aceh’s public flogging, widely criticized by rights groups, always attract hundreds of spectators, but the number of people who witness the flogging have reduced recently due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Public flogging is a common punishment for violating Islamic law in Indonesia. In November last year, an  religious leader in Indonesia was flogged after he was caught after he was caught having an affair with a married woman. Read the story through this link

Indonesian man who set strict adultery laws flogged in public for adultery


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