Nigeria ranked third most terrorized country in the world by Global Terrorism Index (GTI)

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A new report by the Global Terrorism Index (GTI) has placed Nigeria in the third position on the list of most terrorized countries in the world.

The report, published on Wednesday, showed that the number of people who died in the hands of Boko Haram terrorists in Northern Nigeria increased by 25 per cent between 2018 and 2019.

Since 2015, Nigeria has remained in the third position according to the annual global terrorism ranking by GTI

Afghanistan sits on top of the list, followed by Iraq.

Syria, Somalia, and Yemen are ranked fourth, fifth and sixth respectively.

In terms of economic and financial losses, the report shows that Nigeria is the most terrorized in Africa.

The report however noted that terror-related incidents have reduced in Nigeria compared to previous years.

Excerpts from the report reads, “Nigeria had the second largest fall in total deaths, owing largely to a 72 per cent reduction in fatalities attributed to Fulani extremists.

“Despite this decrease, the number of deaths attributed to Boko Haram increased by 25 per cent from 2018 to 2019. Renewed activity by Boko Haram in Nigeria and neighbouring countries, including Cameroon, Chad and Niger, remains a substantial threat to the region.

“In 2019, Boko Haram carried out 11 suicide bombings causing 68 fatalities. Suicide bombings accounted for six per cent of all terror-related incidents by Boko Haram in 2019, marking an 89 per cent decline from their peak in 2017. Boko Haram was responsible for Nigeria’s deadliest terrorist attack in 2019 when assailants attacked a funeral in Badu, Borno State.

“At least 70 people were killed and 10 others were wounded in the attack and ensuing clash. The two main factions of Boko Haram, the Islamic State West African Province and the followers of Abubakar Shekau, are both engaged in an insurgency campaign against the Nigerian Government.

“Violence by the two main factions of Boko Haram have taken a large toll on the civilian population, particularly in North-East Nigeria, where continued attacks have internally displaced more than two million people and caused a further 240,000 Nigerian refugees to flee to neighbouring countries.”

List of most terrorized countries in the world – GTI

Global Terrorism Index (GTI), is an annual report published by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) since 2000. It provides a summary of the key global trends and patterns in terrorism.

GTI agrees there is no single internationally accepted definition of what constitutes terrorism. According to GTI, countries are ranked based on a unique scoring system that considers the following:

  • Total number of terrorist incidents in a given year
  • Total number of fatalities caused by terrorism in a given year
  • Total number of injuries caused by terrorism in a given year
  • The approximate level of total property damage from terrorist incidents in a given year


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