PE teacher who got drunk, sat on student’s lap, and flashed her breasts at prom is banned from school

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A Physical Education teacher from Norfolk, UK, has been banned from classrooms after getting drunk and flashing her breasts in a photograph with students at a school prom.

Katherine Lake admitted before a teachers’ disciplinary panel she behaved inappropriately with students at a Year 11 prom at Reepham High School in Norfolk in June 2019, Dailymail reported.

In Britain, year 11 is traditionally the last year of secondary school for students.

The disciplinary panel heard that Lake, 44, drunk eight glasses of wine before attempting to sit on one of her student’s lap. The panel was also told that Lake smoked a cigarette with another student, then exposed her breasts while posing for a photo with five other students.

“Throughout the evening, Mrs Lake engaged in inappropriate behavior with one or more pupils”, the Panel stated in their report. “At around 9pm, Mrs Lake fell over whilst attempting to sit on the lap of Pupil A and then sat on his lap.”

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“At some point during the evening, Mrs Lake entered a photo booth with five pupils and exposed her breasts in the final photograph. At another point in the evening, Mrs Lake smoked a cigarette with Pupil A outside the venue”, the panel said.

The disciplinary panel, which heard the case on October 26 this year, concluded that Lake breached standards relating to treating students with dignity and observing appropriate boundaries. They recommended she should be removed as a PE teacher.

Lake admitted her actions were unacceptable. Photo: Dailymail

However, the teacher may be able to go back to classroom after two years if she can convince another panel that she is fit to return to teaching and can behave appropriately going forward.

Lake, a married mother-of-one was the Head of Physical Education at the school near Norwich from January 2008 until she was sacked in September 2019. She admitted her actions were unacceptable but said she could not recall the events as she was under the influence of alcohol.

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