VIDEO: Nigerian man discovers marijuana inside yam he was given to deliver abroad

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A Nigerian man has shared a video online, showing the moment he discovered Marijuana inside a yam he was given to deliver to someone abroad.

The man was asked by a friend to help deliver the item to someone abroad, but he decided to check it to see what is in it, only to discover a huge quantity of hard drugs hidden inside the yam.

According to him, as he was cleaning the first tuber, water started coming out. When he looked closely, he saw a needle inside the yam, and as he tried to remove the needle, he saw hard drugs in the yam.

The man lamented that his friend would have ruined his life if he had traveled with the yam without checking and was caught by immigration.

This is a lesson to everyone to always check whatever items they are given to deliver to someone while traveling.

Watch the video below


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