Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote broke my heart into 1000 pieces, says Atlanta woman

Bea Lewis: Instagram
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Bea Lewis, an Atlanta resident and a restaurant owner broke the internet the first day of the year 2021 when she claimed that Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, dated her and broke her heart in ‘‘1000 pieces’’.

Bea Lewis, Instagram

In an Instagram post on her page in the wee hours of Friday, the lover girl wrote;

“I dated the richest black man in the world. He broke my heart into 1000 pieces. I learned more from him than any person I’ve ever met. Communicating with a billionaire daily makes you see the world differently.”

Lewis shared photos of herself and Dangote along with a Valentine’s Day card addressed to him. The post appeared to be Lewis’ reflection of the year 2020

In the lengthy post, she said that dating Africa’s richest man earned her a consistent fitness regime and made her become vegan.

She also claimed that her time with Dangote got her a profitable stock portfolio, changed her perspective on work ethics, and upped her overall finance.

Further listing her achievements, she added, “I became more organized and finally am able to step away from the daily kitchen operations. I learned to love without strings. Give your best without expectations. Nothing is forever.

“I realized a half a million-dollar restaurant project was a bad investment. I purchased two properties. I started a consistent fitness regime. Became vegan. Obtained a profitable stock portfolio,” she said.

Bea Lewis, Instagram

According to sources, Lewis owns a restaurant in Atlanta, which provides local cuisine, and promotes a healthy lifestyle through proper dieting while Hush Dinner Club, which she also owns, has hosted dinner events for over 1000 subscribers.

Aliko Dangote, the richest black man in the world

With a net worth of $12.2b listed by Forbes, Dangote is the richest black man in the world – a position he has maintained for several years.

In 2018, Dangote now 63, jokingly said he’s not getting any younger and is willing to take a new wife.


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