Police arrest man with clown mask, AR-15 in car

Firearm and clown mask uncovered during a traffic stop - San Leandro Police.
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A man was arrested Sunday during a traffic stop after Police said they found an “It” clown mask and weapons in his car.

The incident happened around 12:05 p.m. Sunday on eastbound I-580 at 150th Avenue in San Leandro, according to the report. Police said when they searched the car, they found a fully loaded AR-15.

“This was a great traffic stop that took an illegal and dangerous weapon off the street,” San Leandro police wrote on Twitter. “This is another positive outcome in keeping the citizens of San Leandro safe.”

The AR-15, which had 50-round drum machine with one bullet in the chamber, was found concealed in a bag in the vehicle’s backseat, San Leandro police said.

Police also recovered an “It” clown mask and marijuana from the vehicle.

The suspect was arrested, transported to jail and booked on multiple drug and weapons violations, according to the report.


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