VIDEO: Three dead in murder-suicide over snow removal dispute in Pennsylvania (Graphic)

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Luzerne County DA has released the video which captured an incredibly sad shooting incident that happened in Pennsylvania on Monday.

The footage shows the moment a man shot and killed a couple in a murder-suicide over a snow removal dispute, the same day a major winter storm dumped more than 30 inches of snow in parts of the Northeast, according to NBC News.

In the video, the man identified as Jeffrey Spaide fatally shot his neighbors, James Goy and his wife, Lisa Goy, before killing himself.

The incident happened at West Bergh Street in Plains Township, about 15 miles southwest of Scranton, according to the Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office. The shooter killed himself before police arrived, according to the report

Neighbors told investigators that Spaide and the Goys had been engaged in a long-running feud that reached a boiling point on the snowiest day of the year.

“The Goys were shoveling the snow from their parking spots, shoveling the snow across the road, and throwing the snow onto Spaide’s property,” Salavantis and Binker said in their statement.

James Goy, 50, (back left) and his wife, Lisa Goy, 48, (back right) were gunned down at close-range in the middle of their street in Plains Township, Pennsylvania, on Monday after getting into a fight with their neighbor. They are survived by their 15-year-old autistic son (middle) – Dailymail

Witnesses told investigators that Spaide asked the couple to stop, sparking a heated exchange of words. James Goy apparently threw a tool at Spaide that he had been using to clear snow from his car, according to ABC News. When James Goy approached Spaide with a raised fist, Spaide reportedly retreated into his house and fetched a gun, the officials said.

“The Goys proceed to yell at him, and, using expletives, the parties called each other names,” Salavantis and Binker said in their statement, adding that the episode was captured on surveillance video. “Mr. Goy then threatened Spaide and is seen making obscene gestures at him. Seconds later, Spaide returns holding a handgun.”

The officials said despite seeing Spaide with a gun, James, 50, and Lisa Goy, 48, continued shouting names at him from the middle of the street.

The video is graphic. Viewer’s discretion advised. Watch the video here


Who was Jeffrey Spaide?

Jeffrey Spaide, 47, was an engineer from Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, according to The Sun.

He served in the U.S. Navy as a shipboard engineering technician before joining the United States Army National Guard and United States Navy Reserve as a heavy equipment operator.

After working as a facilities engineer for the Lackawanna River Basic Sewer Authority for five years, Spaide became an environmental engineer manager for the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, The Sun reported

Luzerne County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis said she has reviewed the case and will direct the investigation to be closed, Citizens Voice reported.


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