VIDEO: Watch the moment Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City was demolished within seconds

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The former Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino tower came down Wednesday morning. Trump Plaza, which opened in 1984 had been closed since 2014. It was once a key aspect of former President Donald Trump’s sprawling real estate business.

It took only seconds to fell the 34-story building after 3,000 dynamite blasts were triggered at 9:07 a.m., kicking up dust clouds carried by winds out and over the Atlantic Ocean.

The implosion of the gutted tower, for many, symbolized the end of Trump’s time in the gambling resort town that saw it grow to four casino hotels and eventually fall to numerous financial setbacks, four bankruptcies and property sales.

At a news conference after the dust had settled Wednesday, the Mayor of the Atlanta City, Marty Small, said the implosion was “not about politics, Donald Trump or President Trump” but about an opportunity that doesn’t come along often to redevelop one of the best properties in town.

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