Horrifying video shows Bolivian university students falling to their death after metal rail collapses

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Graphic video below shows Bolivian university students falling from a balcony on Tuesday after a metal railing broke on the fourth floor of the university building.

At least seven students died during the tragic incident that happened at the El Alto University near the Bolivian capital of La Paz, Reuters reported.

The video shows a crowd of students pushing and shoving each other, then metal railing gives way, causing multiple students to plummet four stories below.

Health Minister Jayson Auza told reporters that “seven have died and five are in a critical state, some of them stabilized.”

Authorities have reportedly opened an investigation into the deaths of the students who Bolivian crime unit said were aged 19 to 27.

A Spanish-language site, Eju!, reported that there was a “dispute” that morning “between two fronts that had attended an information meeting at an internal student center,” but didn’t clarify what it was about. University officials told authorities they did not authorize the meeting; the university is paying for funeral and hospital costs for the victims, according to Eju!. The reason that the meeting was called was not revealed.

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