VIDEO: Shameless couple caught having sex in Edinburgh park in front of children

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Video emerged online showing the moment shameless couple was caught having sex in a park in front of children. The incident happened on Friday April 23 at Edinburgh Playing Fields in Aylesbury, Bucks, England, according to the report.

A woman, who was at the park with her kid and nieces, confronted them when she saw the shameful encounter, but the couple won’t stop. She filmed the confrontation and shared it to Snapchat.

The video soon went viral after being posted online over the weekend and uploaded to community Facebook group The Aylesbury Grapevine.

In the video, the mum walks up to the couple who have their pants down, with the woman sitting on top of the man as he lays on the grass.

“Excuse me, there are kids over there and you’re having sex,: the mum tells the couple.

The man, lying beneath his counterpart who does not appear to have any underwear on, simply says: “Yeah, I know.”

“What, you think that’s alright?” the mum asks.

They both admit that they don’t think it’s right but remain in their position.

“We have done wrong,” the woman adds.

The Edinburgh Playing Fields in Aylesbury (pictured in October 2008). Photo via bucksfreepress

The person behind the camera then says: “So why are you still …on him and you’re f***ing in a park? My child is seven years old. You lot are taking the f***ing p**s.”

At this point, the woman slides off her male partner and says: “I know, we’ve f***ed up.”

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In the United Kingdom, indecent exposure carries a maximum sentence of two years imprisonment.

A spokesperson for Thames Valley Police told The Sun Online that the incident had been reported to the Force at 3.50pm on Friday.

They said: “The matter has been recorded as an exposure and an investigation is ongoing to identify the offenders.”

Anyone with any information is asked to call 101 or visit its website, quoting investigation reference 43210172437.

Similar incident happened in September last year when Irish couple were filmed having sex on a busy street in broad daylight. Details and video here

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