Brazilian singer MC Kevin falls to his death from hotel balcony weeks after wedding Via Dailystar
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Tragedy struck on Sunday after a Brazilian funk singer MC Kevin who recently got married, died after falling from the fifth floor of a Rio de Janeiro hotel.

The 23-year-old rising star, born Kevin Nascimento Bueno, was said to be on the balcony of another guest’s hotel room when he plunged to his death in a mysterious incident that remained under investigation Monday, according to police and local media.

Bueno’s death was confirmed by his wife, whom he had just married weeks ago. Deolane Bezerra posted a heartfelt message on Instagram, writing, “You were always so incredible. It’s not fair for you to leave like this. It’s not. It’s not.”

Instagram/Deolane Bezerra

Authorities said he was staying on the 11th floor of the building but fell from a friend’s room on the fifth floor. He was found by a swimming pool and was pronounced dead at a hospital moments later, they said.

According to the Daily Star, MC Kevin plummeted to his death after supposedly meeting with Bianca Domingues, 26, and his friend Victor Fontanelle for a booze and sex-fuelled evening.

Model Bianca Domingues. Photo: Instagram via Daily Star

He was said to have gone out to hide on the balcony after a friend of his was told by the singer’s security guard that his wife, who was also staying at the hotel, was looking for him, the Daily Star reported.

The nature of the incident is very much unclear and is still under investigation by local police.

Mckevin/Instagram via Nairaland

Bueno’s friends, wife and members of his production crew, have reportedly been questioned by Police but there was no immediate sign of foul play. Investigators suspect that the singer was possibly trying to jump into the pool but fell on the concrete next to it, Brazilian newspaper Folha de S. Paulo reported.

It is also being investigated to know whether Bueno fell while trying to hide from his wife during a prank. According to Nydailynews, a Brazilian model who was not at the hotel at the time said in a since-deleted Instagram story that Bueno’s friends jokingly locked him in a room with several women and that he tried jumping to another balcony when he thought his wife was outside the room.

Bueno, who had gone to Rio for a performance on Saturday night, posted a series of photos and videos from the hotel before his death. Some of them showed him with 33-year-old Deolane Bezerra, a lawyer he married in Mexico last month.

Bueno began his career in 2013 and often sang about life in Brazil’s shanty towns, or “favelas.” He had more than 1.8 million monthly listeners on Spotify and over 10 million followers on Instagram. His latest album, “Fênix,” came out earlier this year.

“We thank everyone for their comforting messages of support and love,” a post reads on his official Instagram account. “We ask for prayers and much strength.”

Bueno. Instagram


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