Insta star who allegedly scammed people out of $1.4 million taunts victims with Instagram photos of her luxury vacation

Photo via The Sun
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Indonesian Police are currently investigating Instagram influencer accused of scamming people out of $1.4 million and posting glam shots on Instagram of her luxury life during a recent vacation in Bali.

According to The Sun, the missing money recently disappeared from a community savings scheme that the Insta star, Dea Rizky Adriana from the city of Medan in the Indonesian province of North Sumatra, allegedly headed before dashing off to Bali.

After news broke of the alleged scam, she turned off the comments section on her social media accounts before deactivating them completely and vanishing from the platforms.

But she has now resurfaced online and posting glam pics.

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Photo: Newsflash via The Sun

Outraged victims of her alleged financial scam have taken to social media to demand that the ‘Insta-sham’ leave Bali and turn herself in.

Meanwhile, a Hong Kong Instagram star who flaunts her wealth online suffered a horrifying experience last year after she was tied up and robbed nearly $500,000. Read the story here.

Instagram star who flaunts her wealth online, tied up and robbed nearly $500,000

Photo: Newsflash via The Sun

In a similar development, a Mexican beauty queen is currently facing 50 years behind bars for allegedly being part of a kidnapping gang.  The new photos of the university graduate, who first made a name for herself as Miss Earth Oaxaca 2018, are now circulating again, but this time, for the wrong reason. Read the story here

Mexican beauty queen faces 50 years in prison for allegedly being part of a kidnapping gang


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