Insta star who threatened to blow up plane after being denied a glass of wine on air, faces prison

Photo: NZHerald
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Instagram model who threatened to blow up a plane from Melbourne to Auckland on November 7 last year, will be sentenced on June 23 after she pleaded guilty.

Hannah Lee Pierson, 31, pleaded guilty in April for disorderly behavior and of one disruptive conduct towards a crew member on an Air New Zealand flight with 72 other passengers on board.

In case you missed the first report, trouble started after the crew began serving food and beverages on air. Pierson then requested a glass of wine but was told that her ticket did not cover wine, and that she needed to buy one from the menu.

“I don’t give a f**k, get me a f***ing wine,” Pierson yelled, according to the report. She called the attendant a “b**ch”, the court heard.

She allegedly stood up again and yelled: “I’ll f***ing get it myself, give me the f***ing wine.”

As Pierson reportedly tried to leave her seat, crew managed to divert her into a vacant row of seats and held her there.

She grabbed a crew member’s arm in a tight grip, squeezing hard, according to the report.

Pierson began making movements with her head that caused other staff members to believe she was going to headbutt the crew member, the summary said.

Pierson continuously tried to get out of her seat, with crew especially concerned, given that she was near an emergency exit, the court heard.

Several times, she then allegedly yelled: “Get me a f***ing wine or I’ll blow up the plane.”

Lastly, crew handcuffed her, then strapped her to the chair using spare seatbelts, according to the summary of facts.

Her tirade continued with “total disregard for the other passengers in the vicinity that included young children”, the summary said.

About 90 minutes before arriving at Auckland Airport, she fell asleep.

But when she woke up on landing, she continued her verbal abuse.

Pierson has been remanded on bail to be sentenced on June 23. Credit: Supplied, via The Sun

Pierson pleaded guilty at  Christchurch District Court. Her lawyer said she intended to apply for a discharge without conviction, saying a conviction would have travel consequences.

Judge Alistair Garland remarked that airlines would probably be “quite happy” if she didn’t travel.

The judge also asked her lawyer if she had an alcohol problem, and she accepted that alcohol has been an issue in the past.

He remanded her on bail to be sentenced on June 23


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