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South Africa considers new marriage law that will allow women marry more than one man

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South Africa’s Department of Home Affairs has proposed a new law that will allow women marry more than one husband, in the identical method that polygamous males can marry many wives

Legalization of polyandry is one of the wide-ranging proposals within the Green Paper on Marriages.

The 67-page coverage doc additionally referred to as Green Paper on Marriages, said that the present marriage act doesn’t promote equality.

The coverage doc highlighted that the present marriage laws is discriminatory because it doesn’t acknowledge Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Rastafarian marriages. The coverage doc additionally referred to as for polyandry to be legally acknowledged as a type of marriage.

The Green Paper proposed three new marriage regimes to deliver equality in marriage legal guidelines. One of those choices is a gender-neutral marriage regime.

It learn;

“This would accommodate each polygyny and polyandry

“…Therefore all marriages, whether or not monogamous or polygamous, may very well be concluded whatever the intercourse or sexual orientation of the individual.”

South Africa’s Ministry of Home Affairs seems to favour the choice for a gender-neutral marriage regime that permits each polyandry and polygyny. The Ministry wrote;

“The political appetite of the country to confront the challenges of the current marriage statute will be tested through these options. However, if Section 9 of the Constitution was to be implemented in its entirety, option 3 will tick all the boxes.”

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The Ministry nevertheless famous that the choice for polyandry has ruffled feathers and South Africa’s conventional leaders have vociferously opposed the proposal, claiming that a girl being married to more than one husband is an “unacceptable practise because it is not of African origin.”

It added;

“Ironically, stakeholders who believed within the observe of polygamy … had been against the observe of polyandry.

“This is the start of an important public discourse that will re-define the idea of marriage in South Africa.

“The process will unearth issues that may make some of us uncomfortable, but will encourage dialogue within the South African and international communities.”

Minister Aaron Motsoaledi and officers heard from stakeholders, together with conventional leaders, non secular leaders, lecturers and LGBT and gender activists.

“Moreover, activists submitted that equality demands that polyandry be legally recognized as a form of marriage,” stated the document.

South Africans have till the tip of June to touch upon the division’s proposals.

In a associated story, an African lady recognized by local media as Brisbane shared pictures of herself final yr with two males she claimed are each her husbands, stating that marrying two males is healthier than marrying one man.Marrying 2 men is greater than marrying 1 man – Woman brags about bigamy


Marrying 2 men is greater than marrying 1 man – Woman brags about bigamy

The woman reportedly took to Twitter to painting herself as a contented lady due to being a spouse to 2 males on the similar time, utilizing the mathematical Greater Than signal (>>>>) to emphasise her declare that marrying a number of males is bigger than marrying simply one man.


Marrying 2 men is greater than marrying 1 man – Woman brags about bigamy

Most native social media customers didn’t welcome the message she tried to promote to them however that wouldn’t make her change her thoughts. She reportedly stated that her doorways are nonetheless open for 2 more males so as to add to the gang she has already.

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