VIDEO: Fight erupts at North Carolina gas station amid panic buying caused by fears of fuel shortage

Photo: Video screenshot, Instagram/shaaddeez,, via The Sun
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The video below which hit the internet on Tuesday captures the moment fight erupted at a North Carolina gas station when a woman reportedly tried to cut the line during panic buying amid fears of a fuel shortage caused by Colonial Pipeline shutdown.

The key Colonial Pipeline was previously disabled by a Russian ransomware attack according to a report by The Sun, causing the average price rise across all of the US to rise above $3 for the first time since 2014. The Pipeline has now been restarted, The Post reported.

The intense altercation at the Marathon gas station in Knightdale was videoed by one man using his cellphone.

Credit: Instagram/shaaddeez, via The Sun

The video of the incident shows a woman spat into the driver’s side of a gray Honda waiting near pump No. 10 at the gas station according to WRAL News.

The man then gets out of his car and spits at the woman’s face, at which point they begin exchanging blows and grappling — during which the woman tears the man’s red T-shirt.

The man also appears to toss the woman’s cellphone into the street, WRAL said.

It is unclear how it all started, but according to WRAL, a man who wanted to be identified only as Rashaad said he was in line for gas when he saw a fight break out between a man and woman at one of the pumps.

Credit: Instagram/shaaddeez, via The Sun

He said he was waiting to get gas at the Marathon station around 2 p.m. when a woman in a white sedan tried to join the long line.

Rashaad said the woman ran her car into a gray Honda at one of the pumps.

He said that, after crashing into the man’s car, the woman got out and spit on the man while yelling.

The man then got out of the car and spit on the woman.

Rashaad said that’s when the fight began. The video he took captured the two pushing and pulling at each other for a while before police arrived.

According to Independent tribune, the woman was charged with simple assault and the man was charged with assault on a female and damage to personal property, police said. Both were cited and released with a pending court date.

Watch the video below



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