“Influencer” daughter of Canadian businesswoman who fled to Europe during murder investigation arrested in Hungary

Yun 'Lucy' Lu Li, 25, Instagram, via Daily Mail
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Canadian police announced on Monday they have arrested the daughter of a prominent Canadian businesswoman and her boyfriend following a three-month international manhunt in connection with a shooting that killed a man and injured his pregnant fiancée.

Father-of-three, TRyler Pratt was pronounced dead at the scene. His 26-year-old pregnant girlfriend was hospitalized with serious injuries.

The shooting reportedly happened on February 28 this year at a home on Arvin Avenue in the Stoney Creek just after 7:15 p.m. The motive behind the attack is not yet known.

Oliver Karafa, 28, and Yun ‘Lucy’ Lu Li, 25, were arrested in Budapest by Hungarian police on Saturday, Ontario police announced on Monday.

Oliver Karafa and Yun (Lucy) Lu Li flew to eastern Europe within 24 hours of a shooting that left 39-year-old Tyler Pratt dead, Hamilton Police Det.-Sgt. Jim Callender told CBC.ca.

Oliver Karafa, 28, and Yun (Lucy) Lu Li, 25. Photo via CBC

The pair travelled through several countries, including Slovakia and the Czech Republic, before arriving in Budapest, the report said.

“It’s been a journey that has taken a lot of strides and a lot of new information that has led to this,” Det.-Sgt. Jim Callender said during news update on Monday.

“The efforts of the police services are what led to this,” said Callender. His office worked with RCMP liaison officers for the European Union to track down the suspects, he said.

He said the fact the two fled the country so soon after the shooting was “unusual.”

“One of the greatest feelings is telling the families,” said Callender. “I think there is a desire for the investigative team, you see the satisfaction on the team, but that is just amplified once you can see the faces of the surviving victim and hear the voices of the family that’s in B.C.”

The pair are accused of killing TRyler Pratt, 39, a father-of-three, and injuring his pregnant fiancée, causing her to lose her unborn baby – Daily Mail

Oliver Karafa and Yun (Lucy) Lu Li are now in police custody in Budapest. The formal process to extradite the two to Canada to face charges is underway, Hamilton Police said on its website.


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