Officer fired for using stun gun on students in training class

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Perkins Township trustees in Ohio voted 3-0 Monday to fir Tonya Corbin, a longtime resource officer of Perkins school.

Corbin, who was placed on unpaid leave since June 15, is accused of using a stun gun on two high school students during a self-defense training class, AP reported.

A resolution passed by the trustees Monday stated Officer Tonya Corbin is also alleged to have given false statements about the incident to an officer that was investigating the matter and to the department’s police chief, Fox8 reported.

The incident happened on May 19 when Corbin was teaching a self-defense class for female students at the school. She brought a stun gun to the class and used it on two students, ages 17 and 18, the report said.

The woman initially denied using the stun gun, saying she had allowed the students to use it themselves. But two students and a teacher at the school disputed that claim, and Corbin eventually admitted to deploying the stun gun, authorities said.

The self-defense class had been provided to students in the past, but this was the first time Corbin was leading it, officials have said.

A teacher, who reportedly witnessed the incident criticized Corbin’s actions.

“You can’t do that to a student,” the teacher told Corbin, according to the report.

Immediately after this, the record indicates, “Officer Corbin put the stun gun up to (a student’s) leg/thigh and triggered the stun gun,” the report read.

After the teacher raised these objections, Corbin reportedly said, “Maybe (the teacher) needs to go for a walk.” Corbin then allegedly fired the stun gun onto another student.

“I felt powerless,” the teacher said in a follow-up interview with police.

Stun gun also called electroshock weapon, primarily aims to temporarily disrupt muscle functions and/or inflict pain without causing significant injury.

Corbin served with the department since 2005, according to a report, earning about $60,000 a year. For many of those years, she worked specifically for Perkins Schools, overseeing safety and crime prevention in buildings and around its campuses.


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