VIDEO: Huge fireball explodes in garage under Elephant and Castle station in London

Photo: Metro/Twitter/@MeganJearum
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A fireball exploded in a garage underneath London’s Elephant and Castle train station on Monday. The terrifying explosion happened around 1.45 pm, according to the report.

Videos and photos shared online show smoke rising across the capital’s skyline from beneath the railway at the south London station as horrified commuters watched on.

According to Metro UK, ten fire engines and 100 firefighters were on the scene to fight the blaze. Five people were treated at the scene by the London Ambulance Service crew for various injuries and one was taken to the hospital.

Underneath the railway arches three commercial units, four cars, and a telephone box had caught fire in the incident, London Fire Brigade confirmed.

Fire could be seen exploding out of the side of the station, in a video taken by a bystander.

Father of three, Kiran Patel, who filmed the video, said he felt “lucky to be alive and described a “massive boom” after an explosion at a garage just meters from where he was standing.

The 55-year-old told the Standard: “There was a massive boom and then a wall of heat hit me like I have never experienced before. It was like someone had opened an oven in my face.

“Everybody was scattering running for their lives I thought I was going to die, I thought of my family. The police told us to run it was like something I would imagine out of a terrorist attack. I’m lucky to be alive, there was panic in people’s eyes.”

Mr. Patel said emergency workers had told him the fire and explosion could have been triggered by a generator in the garage.

He added: “From what they were saying they were talking about the generator as a possible cause. It’s incredibly that it looks as if no one was killed. I will play those scenes back in my mind though.”

Watch the two videos below


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