Drunk woman tries to get her horse to attack kids laughing at her for urinating outside a petrol station

Rebecca Dawn Parnell/Facebook, via Dailystar
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Mother-of-three, Rebecca Dawn Parnell has been hit with a fine after she tried to get her pet horse to attack some children laughing at her as she tried to urinate on grass outside a petrol station.

Parnell, 31, had consumed alcohol before deciding to ride her horse to Proserpine BP petrol station so she could use the bathroom but wasn’t able to.

She then went back outside where she decided to relieve herself on some grass but fell off her horse while trying to get off, according to the report.

Rebecca Dawn Parnell had consumed rum and cokes on the night of May 26 before deciding to ride her horse to Proserpine BP in the Queensland Whitsundays – Daily Mail

A group of kids who noticed the incident laughed at her, prompting the woman to yell at them: ‘Come here you f*cking little c*nts, let’s f*cking fight’.

She then tried to get her horse to kick the kids and scare them off, but the horse instead kicked a nearby parked car – causing $2500 worth of damage, The Courier Mail reported.

When police arrived at the scene at 9pm, Parnell reportedly yelled: ‘I don’t give a f*ck if you arrest me, I’m drunk’.

She resisted the arrest and behaved in an ‘extremely aggressive’ manner, resulting in officers placing her in a padded cell in the watch house.

Rebecca Parnell
Rebecca Dawn Parnell/Facebook, via Dailystar

Prosecutor Chelsea Pearson told Proserpine Magistrates Court that Parnell was struggling to stand up due to how much alcohol she had consumed.

Parnell pleaded guilty to a number of charges including being a public nuisance, driving in charge of a horse under the influence and obstructing police.

She was hit with $2500 in fines, and $2500 towards the owner of the damaged car.


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