Ghanaian policewoman begs driver to return iPhone 12 pro max she forgot in his car after collecting bribe

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A Ghanaian policewoman is reportedly begging a driver to return her expensive iPhone 12 pro max  she left inside his car after taking a GH¢200 bribe from him.

The driver Samuel Afolabi claims that the officer took the money from him for not wearing a seatbelt, according to the report. He said the incident happened at the checkpoint in Sogakope when he was driving from Aflao to Accra on August 1, 2021.

Afolabi made a Facebook post after the incident, stating that after paying the alleged bribe to the policewoman, he then drove off, but later discovered that the officer forgot her expensive iphone in his car while taking GH¢200 bribe.

The driver recounted in the post how he pleaded with the police officer for mercy but she didn’t help and rather insisted on taking the entire money he had budgeted for his trip.

Afolabi who claimed to be ambivalent about whether to return the phone to the police officer is seeking the opinions of his followers.

“She said she is going to seize my driver’s license and impound the car to their office. But after much plea for hours (over 3 hrs), she decided to collect GH¢200 from me and which was the money I had budgeted for my fuel and other expenses. I gave her the money SADLY and went my way.”

“I was about to enter the Tema motorway when a phone rang beside me, and I was surprised to see Apple’s iPhone 12 pro max on my passenger seat.”

“I picked the call only to discover that the Police officer forgot her phone in my car. Now she’s begging me to return the phone to her. If you were to be in my shoes, what will you do???” he asked in the Facebook post.Ghana police officer takes bribe from driver, forgets iPhone 12 pro max inside his car


Ghana police officer takes bribe from driver, forgets iPhone 12 pro max inside his car


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