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Anambra Trader Says Missing Grandson’s School Uniform Found At Shrine

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A vendor in Anambra State, Mrs Ngozi Okonkwo, tells IKENNA OBIANERI about her battle for justice for her grandchild who was kidnapped and his school uniform dumped at a shrine

Tell us a bit about your self.

My establish is Ngozi Okonkwo. I’m an indigene of Umunnama neighborhood in Eziowelle, Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State. I’m 55 years earlier. I’m a petty vendor and I’m married with kids and a grandchild.

Your grandson was reportedly kidnapped. Can you recall the incident?

Yes. My grandson, Tukwasichukwuobi Okonkwo, has been missing since 2019. He was taken away alongside his classmate, Chinenye, by abductors on January 19, 2019. It was whereas they’ve been prepared for his or her teachers and totally different pupils to come back again and conduct the morning assembly throughout the school compound at Uzubi Nursery and Primary school that their captors received right here and took them away and till date, they have not been found.

It was my daughter, Amara, who used to drop them off at their school sooner than she would proceed to her private school. She was in secondary school moreover located alongside the an identical road. What occurred was on the morning she dropped the children, the teachers had however to come back again to school, so the children have been left alone throughout the compound and that was what gave the captors the likelihood to lure the children away.

Was there no security guard on the school?

There was no security guard on the school. It was an open compound; no fence and no gate.

How earlier was your grandson as of the time he was taken away by the assailants?

He was seven years earlier in 2019, by now he should be 10.

What about his mom and father?

The mother had him when she was residing with me. And when she obtained married, she did not take the child alongside.

How did you get the news of his disappearance?

I waited for him to return from school after school hours on that fateful day as totally different kids have been coming once more home, nevertheless he did not return. While I was on the purpose of go to the school to take a look at him at about 3pm, a teacher from the school walked into my house and instructed me that my consideration was wished throughout the school. On attending to the school, the teachers instructed me that any person launched the school uniforms and baggage of the missing kids to the school and instructed them that he picked the devices from a shrine commonly known as ‘Ogwugwu’ in Eziowelle. When I searched my grandson’s bag, I found some packets of biscuits inside, even after I did not buy any biscuits for him when he was leaving for school throughout the morning.

And what did the school authorities say?

The school authorities instructed me that they did not even know that the two missing kids received right here to school that day on account of they (school authorities) had not reached the school sooner than the kids have been lured away by the suspects.

Who is the one who was talked about to have returned their uniforms and the best way is he related to you?

There isn’t any blood relation; solely a member of the neighborhood.

Did you go to the shrine the place the uniforms have been talked about to have been found?

We visited the place, nevertheless we did not uncover the children. Even the actual individual accountable for the shrine was nowhere to be found.

Did you report the matter to the police?

It was at that stage that I rushed to Eziowelle Police Station and lodged a grievance and consequently, the police first arrested the one who launched the uniforms, and in the long term, investigations revealed that it was his elder brother, whose establish is Onyedika, that transported these kids, together with some others at large, in his tricycle. He is a tricycle operator. They lured the innocent kids from the school with packets of biscuits.

What did the police do?

The police arrested and detained him, nevertheless granted him bail the following day. Not glad with the tempo with which the police launched the suspect, I went to the state Criminal Investigations Department, Awka, and lodged a current grievance, which prompted the arrest of the school headmistress and Tukwasichukwuobi’s class teacher and as well as the school manager who’s a Catholic priest. At the state CID, the conventional ruler of Eziowelle despatched any person to take the bail of Onyedika, on account of they’re intently related. It was my petition to the Inspector-General of police, and the brief response that reinvigorated the case which prompted the police to arraign Onyedika in 2021 after two years of dilly-dally, in another case, the case would have died off as deliberate by the suspect and his cohorts.

What is the state of the matter now?

The matter was charged to court in 2021 and ever since then, it has been from one adjournment to a special, whereas the suspect and his cohorts go about threatening me and my family. They go about boasting that the matter isn’t going to see the sunshine of the day, it does not matter what I do. It is a pity that this kidnap matter has gone on adjournment over 15 situations. The solely day we had a ruling on it was the first day when the plea for the bail of the suspects was heard and the suspects have been granted bail. Ever since, it has been from one adjournment to a special. All I’m on the lookout for is for all the associated authorities, along with the judicial council, to intervene on this matter and assure accelerated listening to to be sure that justice is served for these missing innocent kids. My grandson shouldn’t be allowed to die in ineffective; it is doable that they’ve killed the children for ritual features or presumably supplied them off, nevertheless irrespective of, I merely want justice to prevail on this matter to operate a deterrent to others who may think that authorized pointers don’t work.

What regarding the mom and father of the other little one that was kidnapped alongside collectively together with your grandson?

They have been aggravated they usually’re tired of pursuing the matter, the frequent adjournments proper right here and there have made them to once more out. But as for me, I’ll see this matter to a logical conclusion, with the help of God. I’m moreover on the lookout for the help of civil society organisations to help prevail on the court for accelerated listening to on the matter.

Where is the case being handled and what stage is it?

It is on the Ogidi Magistrates’ court 1 throughout the Idemili North LGA of Anambra State. The matter received right here up remaining Thursday, nevertheless the Chief Magistrate court One coping with the matter did not sit and it was subsequently adjourned till December 6, 2022. I hoped that, in any case, trial appropriate would begin on Thursday, nevertheless I was upset as soon as they launched that the Justice of the Peace did not sit and subsequently the matter was adjourned.

I’m not glad with one of the best ways the case is being handled. First, the police tried to bury the matter, sooner than it was charged to court. Now on the court, it has been from one adjournment to a special with none concrete issue executed however.

Are you suspecting any foul play as regards this problem?

I’m suspecting that my grandson’s suspected abductors might need the backing of some extremely efficient folks, if not, how will you describe the incessant setbacks they’ve deliberately launched throughout the matter?

Where are the school uniforms which were found throughout the shrine?

They have been tendered as shows and throughout the custody of the police.

Have you for as quickly as suspected any ritual killing throughout the incident?

Loads of points are being suspected, significantly as they talked about their school uniforms have been current in a shrine, nevertheless I would like to remain optimistic so long as it has not being acknowledged in that path. Other concepts just like the potential for the children being supplied moreover flash by way of my ideas, nevertheless it is increased that the children have been supplied and are nonetheless alive than being ritually killed or irrespective of, although, no mom and father pray for each of these.

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