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I inherited billions from my super rich family – I don’t even want any of it and I’ll give it all away

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A YOUNG girl, who’s about to inherit tens of hundreds and hundreds, has talked about she would not want to keep up the fortune nonetheless would comparatively give as a lot as 95 per cent of it to charity.

Marlene Engelhorn, 29, is a partial heir to the famed German Engelhorn family’s $4.2 billion-dollar fortune following the demise of her grandmother.

Marlene Engelhorn will give away her inheritance

Marlene talked about she would not want to keep up her inheritance, claiming discovering her grandmother had decided to depart her this fortune did not make her happy, nonetheless comparatively it irritated her.

“It should not be my decision what to do with my family’s money, for which I did not work,” Marlene suggested Vice News. “Managing that heritage takes a lot of time. That is not my life project.”

Having recognized about her inheritance for two years, Marlene talked about she had time to think about your best option for her and she has decided to give the money away to charity.



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Her reasoning? The undeniable fact that she did not work for any of that money.

“This is not a question of will, but of fairness,” Marlene talked about. “I have done nothing to receive this legacy. This was pure luck in the birth lottery and pure coincidence.”

At a Millionaires for Humanity event in August in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Marlene suggested the viewers: “I am the product of an unequal society […] Because otherwise, I couldn’t be born into multimillions. Just born. Nothing else.”

The youthful girl, who lives in Vienna, Austria, has been calling for structural change in how the ultrarich are taxed and co-founded a bunch known as Tax Me Now.

The group has been campaigning for governments to take a lots larger share of inherited wealth, arguing that these unearned fortunes must be democratically allotted by the state.

Marlene talked about she believes a further equitable redistribution of wealth and bigger taxes on the super-rich would possibly help rebalance society.

When requested what her future appears life after giving up 90 to 95 per cent of her wealth, the scholar talked about: : “I do not know that yet. But I want to work hard. As does everyone else.”

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Marlene is the granddaughter of 94-year-old Traudl Engelhorn-Vechiatto, a member of the German industrial family whose patriarch, Friedrich Engelhorn, based mostly BASF, a very powerful chemical producer on the planet, in 1865.

While BASF supplied for $11 billion in 1997, Marlene’s grandmother acquired $2.45 billion. The fortune grew to $4.2 billion, on the time of her demise, earlier this 12 months. 

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