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I started my glamping business in 2020 as a solopreneur. Today, I have 3 employees who’ve helped me scale operations and develop.

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Kenny Young smiles in front of a backyard camping tent.
Kenny Young is the founding father of Pitched Glamping, a agency that delivers tenting experiences to people’s backyards.

  • Kenny Young primarily based his agency, Pitched Glamping, in 2020 as a solopreneur. 
  • Young employed his first employees as quickly as the business started to develop and purchase further purchasers.
  • He hires employees who’re punctual and personal as a results of that’s necessary to the business, he acknowledged.
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Kenny Young primarily based his agency, Pitched Glamping, in 2020 to produce glamorous tenting experiences in Minneapolis backyards. That equivalent yr, he moved to Phoenix, the place he now operates a second location, and generated better than $125,000 in annual revenue, (*3*).

Since then, he’s expanded his corporations to occasions, small events, and distant weddings. He moreover employed three employees who help him drive supplies like tents and decor to a shopper’s home, set it up for his or her events, and determine each half up afterward. Last yr, his business generated better than $151,000 in revenue, which Insider verified with documentation.

Young outlined how he decided to stop being a solopreneur and hire employees.

The following as-told-to story has been edited and condensed for readability. 

When you already know it’s time to hire

When I started my business in March 2020, I knew I didn’t should be an owner-operator. To get to that point, I would have to begin out relinquishing a few of my administration. 

Within the first two months, we had been able to generate revenue. We had been cash-flow-positive almost six weeks in. I purchased a big automobile, and it allowed us to scale from serving one purchaser a day with my Kia Soul to a few events that. Once we had further purchasers in a day than I would possibly service on my private, I knew it was time to hire.

I’m not good at day-to-day redundant duties or obligations that require little or no creativity. So when I was hiring my first staff member, the operate was to go to the storage facility, accumulate the supplies, and ship the supplies. The subsequent day, they wished to return, determine up the supplies, and ship them to the next place.

I employed my first employee in July 2020 for part-time event help. It was an entry-level place, nevertheless I paid successfully, so I was able to get top quality employees. A number of weeks into teaching them, I took my first break day. 

I’ve run the business principally remotely since October 2020, when I moved to Phoenix. Since then, I bodily can’t overwork as a results of I’m not present to rearrange tents and ship the businesses. In that regard, I was pressured to hire employees.

That’s been good for my psychological effectively being as a results of if I had been nonetheless residing in Minneapolis, I would in all chance sacrifice my time for money. I will be the one who does all of the shopper interaction, all the manager help, and all the promoting. Now I’m pressured to focus solely on the mannequin, the promoting, and the manager stuff. So in a method, it’s pressured boundaries on me, and that’s been helpful.

What to seek for in the hiring course of

When I schedule interviews, I request that the candidate calls me. If they title me, that’s confirm one. They’re in the job. 

Two, did they title me on time? That’s a enormous one. I can observe anyone to make a neat mattress. What I can’t educate is displaying as a lot as the shopper’s house everytime you say you’ll.

And three, what’s their whole tone? With the character of our service, we have little or no interaction with our purchasers. Those two to five minutes are typically what people preserve in thoughts primarily essentially the most in regards to the experience.

Then, it’s a very purposeful operate that we would like crammed. Can you carry heavy points? Are you OK with working in the whole components? Are you comfortable driving a big automobile? These are points very explicit to my business, nevertheless they’re important.

There are many events I need I had been a solopreneur. Two years in, it’s nonetheless onerous for me to completely perception my employees and they’ve in no way failed me. So hiring employees is a learning experience, not merely in the fitting option to lead them and deal with them however moreover in the fitting option to completely perception them to do a good job and to relinquish that administration.

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