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Inside Putin’s doomsday ‘Dead Hand’ system that can ‘fire all 1,600 of his nukes at once’ to obliterate the West

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VLADIMIR Putin’s arsenal of terrifying superweapons consists of the lethal ‘Dead Head’ system that can reportedly fireplace 1,600 nukes AT ONCE.

The Russian chief has a set of powerful weapons at his disposal, which he has repeatedly threatened to use.

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The system can launch tons of of intercontinental ballistic missiles[/caption]


It is believed Mad Vlad has nearly 6000 nuclear warheads at his disposal[/caption]

It is estimated that the Russian tyrant has practically 6,000 nuclear warheads at his disposal – 1,600 of that are prepared to be deployed.

All these weapons are tied into Moscow’s “Dead Hand” nuclear weapons system- also called Perimeter.

Believed to be one of the most catastrophic nuclear methods in the world, the Dead Hand was first developed throughout the Cold War.

The system which has been branded a “doomsday device” by consultants, is succesful of firing all of its nukes at as soon as.



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Dead Hand is an automatic weapons system, designed to launch a retaliation nuclear strike.

Essentially, in case Russia is hit in a nuclear assault, the Perimeter would robotically launch a strike at the enemy in response.

It was created to guarantee that there could be a retaliation strike in case all Russian officers could be worn out.

It first checks for indicators of senior army officials- if it can not detect anybody alive it begins checking for indicators of a nuclear assault.

The system detects a nuclear strike by measuring gentle, radiation ranges, seismic exercise, air strain and warmth.

The Perimeter is then triggered and sends a pre-entered order from the General Staff of the Armed Forces- a command rocket transmitting launch orders to nuclear silos throughout the nation.

It is believed the command missile can also be ready to transmit assault orders to Russian forces elsewhere in the world similar to bombers and submarines.

The system would then activate the launch of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The killer weapons system is assumed to be positioned in a army bunker someplace south of Moscow.

Speaking to the Daily Star in 2018, US Air Force nuclear launch officer Dr Bruce Blair stated it’s operated by three crew members whose solely job is to guarantee the system is practical.

He stated: “[Dead Hand] is absolutely computerized besides that it has to be turned on by the normal workers throughout a disaster, and there’s a small crew that would carry out a small quantity of features earlier than it will function.

“That crew is not high ranking and would just follow a checklist, and so that human component would not exercise judgement and only react like pavlovian dogs.”

He described it as a “legitimate and ethical” means to forestall nuclear struggle on the foundations of “deterrence-based second-strike retaliation”.

While it’s only meant to be activated throughout instances of disaster, it reportedly has been switched on and prepared to strike since 2009.

Russian missile forces commander Sergey Karakaev confirmed in a 2011 interview that the Dead Hand remains to be in operation.

He advised KP.RU at the time: “Yes, the Perimeter system exists right now – she is on fight responsibility.

“And when the need arises for a retaliatory strike when there is no way to bring a signal to some part of the launchers, this command can come from these missiles from the Perimeter.”

The damaging weapons system stays absolutely practical as fears of a nuclear war are mounting amid rising tensions between Moscow and the West.

Following a sequence of humiliating defeats on the battlefield, the Russian chief is turning into more and more pissed off and it’s feared he may resort to utilizing nuclear weapons.

The Russian dictator oversaw the worrying “Operation Thunder” workouts yesterday, the place Russian forces simulated an enormous nuclear strike in retaliation.

Video launched by the Russian-military-run Zvezda web site confirmed armed forces personnel in entrance of computer systems launching a Yars ballistic missile whereas different footage confirmed a Sineva intercontinental ballistic missile being fired from a submarine in the Barents Sea.

And a senior US official has now warned of “new, troubling development involving Russia’s nuclear arsenal”.

Putin has repeatedly raised the spectre of utilizing the weapons – and it’s feared he may doubtlessly be lining up a test in the Black Sea.

Nukes haven’t been utilized in a struggle since the US dropped two bombs on Japan to finish World War 2.

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Moscow’s struggle doctrine is believed to be open to utilizing nuclear weapons in a traditional battle as an intimidation tactic – and the use of such a weapon have to be signed off personally by Putin.

Meanwhile, a current simulation has revealed how a Russian nuclear strike may set off a worldwide battle, killing 35 million folks in only a matter of hours.


The Russian chief is turning into more and more pissed off as his troops face defeat[/caption]


Russia’s Yars intercontinental ballistic missile throughout army workouts[/caption]


Russians performing nuclear drills on Wednesday[/caption]

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Author: Aliki Kraterou

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