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Security threats: Army solicits useful information from Nigerians

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Amid the present security danger on the nation’s capital, Abuja, the authorities of the Nigerian Army have obliged spirited public individuals to avail it of any useful information that may assist in stopping insecurities.

The announcement is coming in the direction of the backdrop of security critiques by some Western worldwide places, along with the United States and the UK, that there is a extreme risk of terror assaults inside the FCT.


The warnings revealed that the upcoming assault could possibly be geared towards authorities buildings and completely different centres the place big crowds accumulate.

Taking to its social media channels, the military authorities wrote an announcement directed to most people: “Kindly report any information that will aid the Nigerian Army in combating insecurity.”

The announcement extra indicated different channels through which individuals with useful information would possibly attain the Nigerian Army.

Security threats: Army solicits useful information from Nigerians

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