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Terror Alerts: Elders urge Nigerians to ignore threats but be vigilant

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The Patriotic Elders Network for Peace and Justice, have urged Nigerians to ignore the US, UK, Australia and Canada over safety threats alert and go about their regular companies but be vigilant on safety issues.

The Elders National President, Dr Bature AbdulAziz alleged that nations elevating safety alerts are Nations well-known for inciting chaos, creating uncertainty amongst peaceable world nations

He stated their plans to create chaos, particularly amongst commonwealth nations and different nations, have since been uncovered.

The Network tasked each patriotic citizen to rise up for Nigeria via prayer and different methods.

“It is high time to completely offer our armed forces the supports they need. especially, passing of information on Security to the relevant agencies, because developed nations, uses their citizens as a source of information to tackle such security-related problems.”

” Therefore, we Nigerians ought to come ahead to shield our nation in opposition to any assault. If these folks spreading these horrifying headlines are really keen to assist our nation, then we are able to totally assist them. However, if their intention isn’t to see our progress, then we Nigerians ought to be united to stem the tide”

Security companies also needs to solid their searchlights on NGOs who’re selling these western ideologies to purposely cripple our growth. Regardless of their social standing, they need to be totally punished in accordance to the regulation of our land.

Terror Alerts: Elders urge Nigerians to ignore threats but be vigilant

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