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Watch insane screaming match as neighbour cuts down shared fence in petty row that has raged on for five years

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THIS is the second an intense screaming match broke out after a neighbour destroyed a shared fence.

Reshael Sirputh and Mitch McKee, who reside facet by facet in Brisbane, Australia, have been locked in a petty row over the barrier for five years.


Reshael and her mum Reni screamed at their neighbour to cease slicing their fence down[/caption]


Police had been referred to as to the scene in Brisbane over the squabble[/caption]

Mr McKee appeared to swing his hammer as his neighbour’s canine in one clip
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But the continuing squabble hit boiling level after Mr McKee determined to chop down the chain wire fence utilizing his energy instruments.

Fuming Ms Sirputh and her mum Reni began screaming for assist as they recorded their neighbour on a cellphone.

Cops had been referred to as to the scene after shocked neighbours heard their cries.

When officers arrived, the fence and bamboo divider had been chopped down.

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They informed the warring pair it was a civil matter and so Mr McKee carried on working.

In footage of the incident, Ms Sirputh could be heard shouting: “Stop it. You’re damaging our property.”

But Mr McKee ignored his next-door’s pleas and so she put her arms out to cease him.

Ms Sirputh claims she was left with minor cuts on her arms from the incident.

In a video obtained by A Current Affair, Mr McKee may be seen showing to swing at his neighbour’s canine with a hammer.

He reportedly mentioned: “Get the dog out of here, or I will f***ing kill the dog.”

It is reported the police had been referred to as once more, and the difficulty was referred to the RSPCA.

Mr McKee informed the programme he wished to construct a brand new fence as a result of he wished to make it “safe” for the canine.

He additionally insisted that the brand new set up wouldn’t have value them ” a cent”, and that he wished to construct a brand new divider the “correct way”.

It comes after a annoyed home-owner shared his hilarious response to his petty neighbour’s determination to construct a fence via a part of his backyard.

The man revealed his final revenge on TikTok after they refused to right it.

The ingenious plan was to start out slicing the fence piece by piece utilizing a chainsaw and drill.

Meanwhile, a woman was reportedly left in tears after her neighbour erected a fence round her backyard house.

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And one other claimed that he was forced to put up a 6ft high partition after a resident complained about his youngsters swimming outdoors in the new climate.

Plus, a home-owner who put up a fence for privateness functions has informed how her neighbour was left fuming because it blocks his view of her garden.


Ms Sirputh mentioned her neighbour refused to cease[/caption]

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Mr McKee claims he wished to construct a ‘safer’ fence[/caption]

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Author: Katie Davis

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