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Menacing German Leopard II tanks ‘seen heading towards Ukraine’ as vital Western armour set to drive out Russians

Menacing German Leopard II tanks ‘seen heading towards Ukraine’ as vital Western armour set to drive out Russians
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DEADLY Leopard-II tanks have been seen on the prowl as they’re shipped east in direction of Ukraine after Germany made good on their promise to assist in the fight against Russia.

Footage that appeared on Saturday shows the menacing struggle machines lined up on freight trains as an enormous logistics operation is launched to assist rearm Ukraine to drive out Putin’s troops.

Video appears to show the tanks being transported in direction of Ukraine

Ukrainian tanks have confronted fierce battle and the forces want help from the lethal Leopard IIs[/caption]


The new tanks come as Putin steps up his assaults on Ukraine[/caption]

The tanks – which had been seen being moved with ‘Marder’ Infantry Fighting Vehicles – are set to reach in a matter of weeks, simply as Mad Vlad is stepping up his fight ahead of the bloody anniversary of the invasion.

It is believed the footage was taken in east Germany or Poland in current days.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz lastly agreed last week to ship the tanks to Ukraine, further scary an already infuriated Putin.

Satellite pictures allegedly show new Russian fortifications on fronts in Luhansk all the way down to Donetsk, and all through Zaporizhzhia and Kherson.

Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of Ukraine’s nationwide safety and defence council, told Radio Svoboda that Russia is making ready for “maximum activation”.

He said of the invaders: “They consider that by the anniversary they need to have some achievements.

“There is no secret that they are preparing for a new wave by February 24, as they themselves say.”

The UK, US, Germany and Poland have all pledged 73 tanks in complete in current days to fight against the Russian struggle machine.

Ukrainian struggle chief President Zelensky has begged Western allies for at the least 300 tanks to punch by the bloody stalemate.

Germany and Poland have pledged 28 extremely superior Leopard-II battle tanks, price £5million every.

The UK has pledged 14 Challenger 2 battle tanks, that are slower than the Leopards however boast of unimaginable defensive capabilities.

And the US has promised Ukraine 31 of its Abrams M1A2s, however supply of the jet-fuelled American tanks may take months to reach on the frontlines.

Training to make use of the Leopard-II tanks may see them in use on battlefields in as little as 6 weeks, in line with Breaking Defense.

Britain said it hopes their Challenger 2 tanks arrive to the frontlines by the end of March.

But defence sources have warned it would be a nightmare if the tanks were captured by Putin’s invaders.

His navy scientists would then be free to check their cutting-edge armour and easy methods to defeat it.

A source explained: “The British armour is one of the best in the world.

“In the history of Challenger 2s only one has been destroyed in battle and that was by friendly fire in Iraq.”

On paper the UK boasts 227 Challenger 2 tanks however only about 60 are battle-ready.

About 30 are in Estonia, with 14 sure for Ukraine.

Poland also said it will give an additional 60 tanks to the 14 it has already dedicated to the struggle effort.

Spain and Norway are anticipated to announce what number of Leopard IIs they are going to ship to Ukraine in the approaching days.


Leopard II tanks are en path to the battlefield after Germany agreed to aide[/caption]

The closely armed navy machines come after months of deliberation

30 US M1A2 Abrams battle tanks might be given to Ukraine in the approaching months[/caption]


British Challenger 2 tanks are set to reach in the approaching weeks[/caption]

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New Russian fortifications have been noticed in key battle factors[/caption]


The new tanks are hoped to guard from Russian rockets and different assaults[/caption]


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