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Three Storey Building Under Construction, Collapsed In Owerri Municipal

Three Storey Building Under Construction, Collapsed In Owerri Municipal
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9News Nigeria

9News Nigeria

From Princely Onyenwe

An ongoing construction site in the heartbeat of Owerri municipality was hit with a sad news of a sudden collapse of three storey building targetted in completion to be one of the best plazas in Owerri Imo state.

9News Nigeria reports that the construction site is located along Old Market Road by Ogugba street in Owerri Municipality.

The three storey building was under going construction before the sudden collapse over the weekend.

No worker was on the construction site the time the building collapsed and no death was recorded, 9News Nigeria reports.

The ongoing construction site was a three storey building under construction along the Coffin/Gasket designers lane within the popular street by Old market lane Owerri.

Crowds of eye witnesses confirmed the building collapse at a midnight when no single worker was on site but regretted the quality of work by the engineers handling the work.

Our correspodent gathered that the building was not strongly built and the engineers are allegedly quacks in the building industry.

” The iron rods and blocks are of low quality and are not matchable with the kind of storey building built in the center of the town.

“I don’t think and I still have doubt that the workers are not professionals because people have been complaining against the standard of work the engineers at site are doing there.

“The building just collapsed when everyone has gone to bed at about 1am over the weekend.

“The land was used for shanties in the olden days Owerri geographical plan but was bought for development.

” People were living in the old property before the land was acquired by a new occupant who’s now building a gigantic complex .

“It is unfortunate millions of Naira is gone and wasted by quacks in the building industry. This is penny wise pounds foolish.

Regrettedly the construction engineer handling the work is on the run while possible efforts are expected to be in place to evacuate the building.

9News Nigeria Owerri visited the collapsed site along the popular old market road through St Paul’s Catholic Church via Ogugba street Owerri Imo state Nigeria.

The collapsed cite is located in front of a car carriage where Obosima, Avu, Obinze, Amafor busses load.

It is expected of relevant agencies to swiftly move into action to investigate the real cause of continous collapse of buildings allegedly built by non-proffesional builders.

9News Nigeria (Owerri) For inquiries on this news contact 9News Nigeria Imo State @08036856526

9News Nigeria


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