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Heartbreaking moment loyal dog named Boots sits where owner, 17, was killed in crash and refuses to leave

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A GRIEF-STRICKEN puppy refused to leave its teen owner’s side after she was killed in a horror motorbike accident.

The adorably loyal pup, Boots, was found quivering next to his 17-year-old owner’s lifeless body and would not budge.

Distressed Boots refused to leave his owner’s body alone on the road
Jam Press
The pup stayed firmly put
Jam Press
Jam Press

Débora Abigail Véliz Reynosa was killed in a motorbike accident, while her pup survived[/caption]

The dog’s owner, Débora Abigail Véliz Reynosa, died on September 20 when a lorry driver allegedly knocked her off her motorbike on a roundabout in Guatemala.

The teenager was travelling with her new puppy that she had adopted only the day before.

Boots was reportedly abused by its former owner and Débora was determined to give the pooch a better life.

The 17-year-old criminology student was returning home from buying Boots’ some new clothes and accessories when the crash happened.

The pup survived the road accident and was found upset and shaking by its dead owner’s side when the police arrived on the scene.

Cops secured the area and consoled the heartbroken puppy, which refused to leave Débora’s body.

The animal-loving victim reportedly sold empanadas to raise money for stray dogs in her town when she was 12-years-old.

Friends and family said goodbye to Débora at a packed funeral on September 21.

But the local community is mourning the loss of the teen and calling for justice over her death.

The police announced that they carried out a raid on a local property and seized a lorry suspected of being involved in the accident, but the owner is currently missing.

Meanwhile, the police delivered the victim’s puppy to family members.

Débora’s boyfriend Samuel has agreed to adopt Boots and give it the care and love that she would have wanted.

The investigation into the fatal accident is ongoing.

Last year, The Sun told of how a loyal dog guarded its owner for 36 hours after he fell 200ft down a ravine — then got walkers to raise the alarm.

Loyal Suki copied the heroics of TV and film collie Lassie to save seriously-injured Martin Clarke, 76.

She refused to leave his side until she spotted other walkers and brought them back to him.

Without the dog’s faithful actions, Martin doesn’t believe he would have made it.

Jam Press

The police consoling Boots[/caption]


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