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Horror moment customers attack worker over iPhone 15 Pro delay as new phone launch sparks buying frenzy across India

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THIS is the horrifying moment a shop worker is brutally attacked by customers over an iPhone 15 Pro delay.

The shocking footage shows staff and customers brawling in Delhi as the release of Apple’s latest phone sparks a buying frenzy across India.

Times Now

A customer is seen raising his fist to strike a shop worker in Delhi[/caption]

Times Now

A man in a white t-shirt also starts brawling with staff[/caption]

Violence erupted in the Kamla Nagar neighbourhood of the city over what is thought to have been delays in deliveries of the new iPhone.

In the chilling footage, two customers and a worker can be observed engaging in a physical altercation within the store.

One of the workers had their clothing torn off during the brawl when he also threw slaps and punches at the customers.

The footage also showed a man trying to hit another store employee when they were trying to de-escalate a situation.

During the chaos, the customers were audibly heard directing verbal abuse towards the store employees with most of the staff appearing to try to calm the situation.

Thankfully, swift intervention from other employees managed to subdue the unruly patrons.

“Have they gone mad…” a muffled female voice distracted by commotion can be heard saying to which another one replied, “It [fight] was on cards when you did this (the man possibly referring to staff not being cooperative and not meeting the requirements of the customers).”

“This is the way, he should be beaten,” a man shouted as he watched the altercation unfold between the customers and the store employee.

“Beat them like this…” the same man apparently a miffed customer can be heard saying in the background.

According to reports, the disgruntled buyer’s frustration stemmed from the salesperson’s refusal to sell him an iPhone 15 model.

Earlier, outside the Mumbai Apple Store, a line of fervent iPhone aficionados eagerly formed, with one dedicated client boasting an incredible 17-hour wait to secure the coveted smartphone, according to ANI.

The local reports suggested that the police independently verified the footage and subsequently filed a lawsuit against the customers responsible for the altercation.

According to reports, more than ten employees attempted to stop the irate men from thrashing their colleagues at the store when they were informed that the promised arrangement of iPhones would not be available this time.

Mandeep Singh and Jaskirat Singh have been recognised as the accused clients, and they have been arrested.

Apple boss Tim Cook recently opened two authorized Apple stores in India: one in Apple BKC, Mumbai, and another in Apple Saket.

On September 12, Apple unveiled its highly anticipated iPhone 15 series, comprising four distinct versions: the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The Apple iPhone 15 series boasts an array of impressive features, including a 48 MP camera, a USB-C port, and a cutting-edge Super Retina XDR display that harnesses the power of OLED technology.

The arrival of Apple’s iPhone 15 series in the Indian markets generated immense excitement among eager customers.

However, unfortunate conflicts marred the occasion, highlighting the intense demand for this highly sought-after smartphone.

In addition, a video from Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates showed a massive crowd also involved in a fistfight.

The footage showed the customers struggling on the ground to get their hands on the much-anticipated iPhone.

Times Now

The man in the white t-shirt continues to throw punches[/caption]

Times Now

An apparent shop worker gets their top ripped off them[/caption]


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