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My tiny home was mysteriously demolished after a feud with my millionaire neighbour – it vanished overnight

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A GRANDFATHER was left devastated after his dream tiny home was mysteriously demolished overnight.

Barry Robertson’s holiday shack sat on Australia‘s Fleurieu Peninsula for 60 years but vanished after a feud with his millionaire neighbour.

YouTube – A Current Affair

Barry Robertson’s dream tiny home was mysteriously demolished[/caption]

YouTube – A Current Affair

The shack used to sit on Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula[/caption]

YouTube – A Current Affair

The home was demolished overnight by unknown people[/caption]

Julian Johnston, an Aussie expat who sells real estate, asked Barry to move the home after claiming it was illegal as it sat on Crown land, 9Now’s A Current Affair reports.

The millionaire had bought the block of land behind Barry’s shack with plans to build a two-million-dollar home.

Julian also sent a letter to owners of another shack next to Barry’s claiming they did not have a lease, the Aussie network reports.

The letter, obtained by A Current Affair, reportedly read: “I would lie you to please move your illegal shacks somewhere else and away from my land.

“Please understand that I have an unlimited budget for taking steps to ensure privacy and security.”

But Barry and Julian had to put their row on hold after the shack was demolished by unknown people.

“They demolished it and took everything inside,” Barry told A Current Affair.

“I was pretty devastated. We had a lot of good gear in this shack.

“I just didn’t think anyone could do such a thing.”

Barry said Julian was the one who made the shocking phone call bringing the unfortunate news.

“He saw my shack gone, so he rang me,” the grandfather said.

“He said ‘your shack is gone’.”

Despite its humble looks, the home’s million-dollar views could be quite the competition to neighbouring accommodation, which could charge up to $2,000 per night, the Australian outlet reported.

Barry’s clifftop shack used to sit at one of Australia’s most picturesque coastlines, with unobstructed views of Kangaroo Island and the Pacific.

Four generations of grandfather’s family used to come down to the holiday shack for fishing and swimming.

The Robertsons had bought the tiny paradise in the 1960s and had been improving it ever since, including a modern bathroom.

After the news of his home’s mysterious vanishing, Barry drove down from Adelaide to discover an empty slab where his little paradise used to sit.

Local cops have charged a man named George Lavrentiadis with two counts of damaging property and two counts of dishonestly taking property without consent.

The 50-year-old pleaded not guilty to the charges and will face trial in the coming months.

The Adelaide Magistrates Court heard three more people will be charged but they have not been named.

Julian Johnston has denied any involvement in the demolition

There are no indications of the millionaire’s involvement in the incident.

In a statement provided to A Current Affair, Julian’s lawyers said: “There are no legal proceedings on foot against my client and no factual basis to support any assertion of my client’s involvement.”

Barry has now hired his own legal teem to seek civil compensation once authorities find out who is the person responsible for the demolition.


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