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20 Profitable Christmas business Idea to Make Money this Season

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20 Profitable Christmas business Idea to Make Money this Season

20 Profitable Christmas business Idea to Make Money this Season

20 Profitable Christmas business Idea to Make Money this Season : 20 Profitable Christmas business Idea to Make Money in Nigeria , Are you looking for a seasonal business idea?, Festive season Business Idea?,  A Christmas business idea to make money ? keep reading because i will be sharing with you some proven ways to make cool cash this Christmas. 

GoldenNewsNg  has put together lots of business opportunities around during this period. This article is about small Christmas business ideas you can explore.

20 Profitable Christmas business Idea to Make Money this Season



Due to the fact that women want to look their best throughout the holiday season, bone-straight hair and other hair accessories are always in great demand. As a result, running a business catering to women’s hair is another possibility to make some extra cash this season.



  • To make money from selling human hair this season, you need to target your audience.
  • if you are new to hair business, i will advice you target the middle class. what this means is, you should go for hairs with very low amount but beautiful styles and good quality.
  • buy hairs that a secondary student can buy, lets say between 15 k to 50k.
  • buy attachment of different colours, this is holiday season and students want to look all flashy because they are no restrictions from school.
  • you do not need a shop to do this, you can display your hairs and attachment outside your house it is non perishable so it doesn’t require a special kind of environment.
  • Buy directly from wholesalers or distributors

After buying your products, simply post it on Facebook market place and see the magic, you can even make extra effort to promote it with small money.


Sales of Fire Crackers

Christmas business Idea to Make Money

Fire crackers is popularly known as banger or Knockouts in Nigeria

When we were kids, our parents would buy us firecrackers as one of our Christmas gifts two months before the holiday. I liked it!

But because there was a threat to security in Nigeria and people didn’t follow the rules about how to use firecrackers, the Nigeria Police once banned them.

But if you live in a country where this Christmas gift is not illegal, you can sell it for a lot of money. Kids love it, and some adults, no matter what religion they follow, buy it to welcome in the new year.


It’s Yuletide, and people drink a lot of wine at home, at get-together events and many other places.

During the Christmas season, there are usually some people who can’t do without special drinks like wine. For these kinds of people, these drinks make them feel like they’re going back in time.

You could start advertising your special drinks for Christmas online, and you could also rent a stall or shop there long before the holiday so that customers could look forward to it.

As traders add up their sales for the end of the year, some will be counting their losses and others will be counting their gains. However, these businesses don’t need much money to get started.

20 Profitable Christmas business Idea to Make Money this Season


Christmas business Idea to Make Money

During the Christmas season, people often buy jewelry for their families, friends, and loved ones. The jewelry field is very big, so you can choose to make simple pieces or big, complicated, and expensive ones.

You can sell more jewelry if you put ads for it on online marketplaces. You can also leave some of your jewelry at stores in the area.

sales of children shoes

In Nigeria, even though parents don’t have money to shoes for themselves this festive period, they must buy for their kids to make them happy.

Most of us like to wear new shoes on Christmas or New Year, you can start selling shoes. The good part: this business has been made easy. You can do shoe selling business on pre–order sale service.


  • you can get fine and affordable shoes in Onitsha and  Lagos big markets.
  • Buy nice quality shoes
  • take good pictures of them
  • post on all your social media platform, facebook market place expecially
  • make sure your price is fair
  • focus on kiddies shoes
  • ensure your product are readily available before posting it
  • start selling

Sales of Christmas Light

Christmas business Idea to Make Money

Some people just want to hang their Christmas lights in the living room or on the fence of their apartment, but many others want the lights to bring out the beauty in a special way.

This is a service you can offer to people who care about style and class, especially hotels, clubhouses, and recreation centers that need a professional light installer.

You don’t need any special skills; just think of ways to use the light to make names and other things that can be read.

Christmas Light Installer

While some people might want to simply hang the Christmas light in the sitting room or on the fence of their apartment, a lot of others want the lighting to bring out the beauty in a unique way.

This is a service you can provide for people who want class and aesthetics, most especially hotels, clubhouses, and recreational centres that need a professional light installer.


  • Go on Youtube, learn how to install Christmas Light,
  • Meet experts and beg them to teach you for a token
  • The start telling people about it, you’ll definitely get patronage and referrals if you are good at it. like they say good things sell themselves.

Cleaning & Fumigation Service

Most families who are based in the United States, UK, Canada, and other overseas countries come home for Christmas or the New Year. Most times, they need someone to clean up and fumigate their environment.

So rendering this services will make you alot of money.

Santa Costume Sales

Yes, you could design Santa costumes  and offer them for sale or rent since schools and churches would be organizing Christmas carols.


  1. make enquires on when schools around you will be having their Christmas carol
  2. A day before the Carol, take the costumes to the school or church to sale and create awareness
  3. Ensure to be there early hours of the Carol Party


Balloon Decoration Business

In the United Kingdom, the balloon decoration business is booming, it’s becoming a well-known business as well, in fact, a lot of Nigerian event decorators are already making cool cash from this business.

Christmas business Idea to Make Money



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