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APP Vows To Counter APC, Unveils Strategies For 2027 Power Shift

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Action Peoples Party (APP) has recently appointed a 30-member executive team, vowing to seize control from the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the 2027 elections.

During the national convention in Abuja, the party unanimously re-elected Uche Nnadi as its national chairman for another four years.

Nnadi, in his acceptance speech, urged party officials to act decisively in repositioning the party, emphasizing its commitment to offering a viable alternative for positive change and democratic dividends.

Nnadi outlined the party’s strategies to reclaim power in 2027, aiming to restore public confidence in the electoral process.

He called on party members to capitalize on the perceived failures of ruling parties and strengthen the party’s presence in their respective states.

In his speech, Nnadi acknowledged the responsibility bestowed upon him and the newly elected officers, pledging a dedicated effort to lead the party forward.

He emphasized the urgency of their duty to prevent the country’s collapse, criticizing the APC’s perceived lack of direction.

Nnadi stressed the importance of unity within the Action Peoples Party, calling for commitment, dedication, and loyalty from its members to bring about the desired change.

Concluding on an optimistic note, Nnadi envisioned Nigeria under the leadership of the Action Peoples Party taking its rightful place globally and becoming a shining star in Africa.

He said “On behalf of myself and the newly elected members of National Officers of the Party, we have undertaken to lead this great party into the next phase of its evolution and thereafter, to the fulfilment of the destined mission as the liberator of the Nigerian people.

“This is a heavy responsibility but I assure you, it is a responsibility we will not take likely. I pledge we will do our utmost best, God being on our side, to justify the faith and the confidence that you reposed in us.

“This call to duty has to be immediate, to save our beloved country from total collapse.

“We therefore have a big task of retrieving this country from APC’s clear lack of direction and confusion at all levels of governance.

“We can only achieve this great feat if can come together as members of one united family under the banner of Action Peoples Congress and patriots, my fellow party members the attainment of Nigeria of our dream can only be possible if we work tirelessly by repositioning our party for future elections.

“And ultimately winning the polls, our names will be etched in the annals of history as men and women who brought the much talked about change in our Nation if we heed to the clarion call of the party for commitment, dedication and loyalty.

“Without any iota of doubt in my mind, Nigeria under the leadership of Action Peoples Party will take its rightful place in the comity of Nations and be a shining star of Africa”.


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