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Appeal Court judgment on Kano guber seat threat to democracy – NNPP

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Dungurawa described democracy as a game of numbers with his party proving to be ahead of other contenders in Kano State.

The Chairman of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), in Kano State, Alhaji Hashimu Dungurawa, has described the judgment of the Appeal Court that sacked Governor Abba Yusuf as a threat to the survival of democracy.

Dungurawa disclosed this while speaking with newsmen in Kano on Friday.

“This judgment poses a great threat to our nation’s democracy because the electorate elected Yusuf through the electoral process, in a free, fair contest.

“The judgment is very unexpected. We never expected it would happen this way. The way things are going and with the way the judicial system is, definitely democracy is coming to an end in this country.

“I see no reason why a person will go to the grassroots and introduce himself to the people, they will go to the polling booth to cast their votes, and the Independent election umpire will issue him a certificate of return.

“He will enter the office and just one, two or three people will sit down and remove him. This is very unbecoming and is not helping matters”.

Dungurawa described democracy as a game of numbers with his party proving to be ahead of other contenders in the state, but regretted that Court verdicts are making nonsense of that.

“Democracy is said to be a game of numbers and the person in question happens to get the highest numbers in the election.

“At the Assembly, we have 26 out of 40 members; we have two out of three senators. And even in the Presidential contest, we had the highest votes in a state.

“We are not happy with this judgment and consider it unacceptable. We will take all the necessary steps to reclaim our stolen mandate.

“We will not allow it. People of Kano state are not happy with it; NNPP members are not happy with it,” he declared.


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