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Comedian Buchi calls out ex-wife’s parents for keeping his children from him

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He claims that they collected $300,000 a month from him and have still not let him see them.

Nigerian comedian, Onyebuchi Ojieh, popularly known as Buchi, has called out his ex-wife’s parents, alleging that they have denied him access to his children.

The comedian took to his Instagram page on November 18, 2023, expressing his frustration that they haven’t allowed him to speak to his children in their custody.

Highlighting their role as pastors in the United States where they reside, he condemned their actions and demanded that they grant him access.

“MR n MRS SALAMI… you people have MY kids. Your plan worked. I am not fighting you. You are leaders at The Redeemed Christian Church there, I know for sure that RCCG Nigeria will not allow such. YOU NEED TO TELL ME WHY I CAN’T SPEAK TO MY KIDS. Please, if you are in the US, help me call the church. The pastor knows the matter! Leaders should lead by example,” he cried out.

In a second post, Buchi revealed that they asked him to pay child support, alleging that they still did not let him see his children even after the payment was made. His caption highlighted some of the alleged conditions with which he was allowed to speak to his children, stressing that he was blocked after each call.

The comedian called them out again, saying, “Mr. n Mrs. SALAMI… wake UP!! You people asked me to pay to have access, but it’s ‘child welfare’… that anything I have, I should pay first. I paid the money… you say it’s not enough, more access is more money, right? Twice communication a week is now 1 video call, then voice note, right? You can only call with your phone… you block me after every call until I beg, right? Okay, if it’s hard for you, return my kids, PLEASE!! Gather your evidence, I have mine, please.”

Buchi is not the only father in an ongoing child custody battle with estranged family members. Popular on-air personality Dotun has also pledged to get his daughters back from his ex-wife.

He and his ex-wife had their own exchange on Instagram after he called her out, alleging that she went against their custody arrangement and kept him away from their kids. She responded by stressing that he has access to them as previously agreed upon. Dotun has now shown support for Buchi in his current battle.


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