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Dramatic moment Israel blows up terrorist bomb factory in Gaza in massive explosion as troops hunt for Hamas tunnels

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ISRAEL claims it has blown up a bomb factory used by a terrorist group in Gaza.

The IDF released shocking footage showing the enormous explosion tearing through the build in the Strip.

The IDF bombed a weapons production facility used by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group in Gaza
Israeli troops removed two trucks full of weapons, including highly destructive rocket parts, UAVs, and other intelligence material

IDF officials said the site was used by the extremist group Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) – a terrorist organisation based in Gaza which is distinct from Hamas.

The IDF said it conducted the huge blast on Thursday following an intense operation that lasted 12 hours – and shared a video claiming to show the moment of the explosion. 

According to the Israeli military, the post was a “major asset for weapon production” for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorist group.

Israeli troops found two trucks full of weapons, including highly destructive rocket parts, UAVs, and other intelligence material that belonged to PIJ, it was reported.

The IDF wrote in a statement: “Our troops searched the post and removed two trucks full of weapons, including Badr-3 rocket parts (a surface-to-surface rocket), UAV parts, and intelligence materials belonging to the PIJ.” 

Founded in 1979, the PIJ is the second-largest terrorist group in Gaza after Hamas. 

According to the Counter Extremism Project the group is “dedicated to eradicating Israel” and “establishing an autonomous Islamic Palestinian state” in the lands currently comprising Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza.

It comes after the Israeli military said it had located more “Hamas terror tunnels” and had found information about the hostages.

IDF spokesman R.-Adm Daniel Hagari said on Friday: “We have located underground infrastructure and information about the hostages.

“We are determined to move forward, destroy and kill terrorists, and dismantle the military infrastructure of Hamas.”

Meanwhile, a new dramatic video shows Israel Defence Forces (IDF) commandos raiding a ruined hotel while hunting down Hamas terrorists.

Soldiers can be seen combing through the site while wielding guns as they attempt to snare Hamas brutes.

The IDF also unleashed a tank – using it to blast at buildings as troops stormed the site.

It comes as Palestinian civilians have been left fleeing for their lives as Israel attempts to destroy Hamas after the terror group massacred 1,200 civilians on October 7.

Families living in Gaza have been caught in the brutal crossfire, with regular accusations that the terrorists are attempting to use them as “human shields”.

Much of the northern part of the strip has been turned into a devastated warzone – with ruined buildings, dwindling supplies and horrific suffering for Gaza’s people.

According to The Red Cross, some 1.5 million civilians have been forced to flee south amid the Israeli onslaught from land, air and sea.

Figures for the death toll remain unverified – but Hamas’ health officials claim more than 11,000 civilians, including more than 4,500 children have been killed.

Israel disputes these figures – and US President Joe Biden said he had “no confidence” in them.

But Benjamin Netanyahu admitted Israel has “not been successful” in reducing civilian casualties.

He said the deaths, however, must be blamed on Hamas – not Israel.

And as the horror continues there have been growing calls for a humanitarian ceasefire to stop the bloodshed.



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