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Eja Nlá Set To Drop “Castaway”: A Musical Odyssey from NYC Streets to the Heart of Lagos

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Straight outta the concrete jungle, Eja Nlá, the rising Nigerian Afrobeat artist with roots in the Big Apple, is gearing up to unleash his latest track, “Castaway,” hitting the streets on Friday, November 24th, 2023. In the game for about two years, Eja Nlá’s music is a gritty blend of New York City grit and the infectious rhythm of Lagos, specifically Ikorodu.

Born and bred in the pulsating beats of NYC, Eja Nlá has channelled the relentless energy and street smarts of a true New Yorker, fusing it seamlessly with the vibrant essence of a Lagosian. The result? A musical cocktail that’s about to shake up the scene.
For Eja Nlá, the journey started in a Christian home in Brooklyn, where the church was a Sunday staple, and singing with the children’s choir was a non-negotiable. Fast forward to high school days in Lagos, and the music bug bit him again. It’s a crazy ride, how music, in any dialect, has the power to captivate, summoning emotions you didn’t know you had or bringing back memories of simpler times.

Eja Nlá spills the beans on his music philosophy: “From songs of endearment to songs of empowerment, whether it’s about the club, the trenches, politics, or the love of money – staying true to one’s craft is the real deal.”

Now, onto the main event – “Castaway.” This track was born during a time of self-discovery, a moment when Eja Nlá was figuring himself out. The lyrics narrate a tale of meeting someone who lit a fire within him, only to put it out just as quickly. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, a raw reflection of life’s ups and downs.

Eja Nlá puts it bluntly, “Castaway is about seeing what you want and going for it, never fold. Always remember time is the biggest snitch on the block. I can love you today and you violate me tomorrow. It’s life.” The track serves as a reminder to keep pushing forward, no matter the storms life throws your way.

As the countdown to November 24th begins, brace yourself for Eja Nlá’s sonic takeover. From the mean streets of NYC to the heart of Ikorodu, “Castaway” promises to be a gritty and authentic piece of musical storytelling. Don’t sleep on it – mark your calendar, and witness the fusion of two worlds in this musical journey dropping soon. Eja Nlá is about to make noise, and you won’t want to miss the beat.

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