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Famous for a while, tearing for life, as transgender looses both kidneys on butt enlargement

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9News Nigeria

By Samuel Abasiekong-Abasiekong

[Photo news]

Daniel Anthony Nsikan is a male in his late 20s and a native of Akwa Ibom State who lives in female mannerism and goes with the name Jay Boogie.

Nsikan whose parents raised in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital in South South Nigeria came to fame in 2022 when he started flaunting a well shape female body appearance with curve and a blown breast.

Jay Boogie fame who was almost outshining other transgenders in the country may soon have his light blown off as he is crying for help for loosing both kidneys after sustaining an injury while doing liposuction, a type of surgery transgender do to shape their booty.

At the moment Jay Boogie has no comfortable sitting position not lying down as he is on intensive care unit of an hospital in Port Harcourt for regular dialysis.
[See photos of his good days and his days in agony]

9News Nigeria


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