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Hundreds Of Thais Trapped By Clashes In Northern Myanmar Being Evacuated

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Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs disclosed that over two hundred Thai nationals caught in the midst of clashes between Myanmar soldiers and armed ethnic-minority groups in the northern regions are being rescued and repatriated to Thailand.

Myanmar’s military, in power since a coup in 2021, is engaged in conflict with an alliance comprising three ethnic-minority groups and pro-democracy fighters.

The northern part of the country is witnessing heightened violence, with armed groups seizing control of key towns near the Chinese border and disrupting trade routes.

Thailand’s Foreign Ministry is collaborating with Myanmar authorities to evacuate a group of two hundred and sixty-six Thais, along with an undisclosed number of Filipinos and Singaporeans, stranded in the town of Laukkaing in the northern Shan State.

Upon receiving clearance to enter China, the group will be flown from the Chinese city of Kunming to Bangkok on two chartered flights. According to the foreign ministry, the victims undergo screening for human trafficking involvement and criminal records in Bangkok.

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